What inspired the producers to make this film?

In addition to his Jewish heritage, Dick heard stories of World War II from his father, Army vet Steve Atkins.  Atkins enlisted in the US Army on his 18th birthday in 1942 and had the life changing experience of being a part of the liberation of the concentration camp at Nordhausen, Germany.

In 2012, Atkins was finally honored properly for his service to his country, receiving the Bronze Star from the US Army and the Congressional Eagle from Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. on behalf of the Congress of the United States.  Read more about that honor in the links below.

World War II veteran Steve Atkins receives his long-awaited medals from Rep. Bill Pascrell and his director of constituent services, Nancy Everett, in an Aug. 20 ceremony in Paterson.

“A Bronze Star Is Born”

“Paterson’s native is awarded World War II combat medals” (Video Included)

“Livingston veteran awarded World War II commendations”




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