How can you support this film?

Many people believe in the passion, message and story of this movie.  This movie is much more than just about the character Ben Kline or the true story of Hungarian poet/hero Miklos Radnoti, but it is the story of those who lived, and those who died in the Holocaust, leaving their voices for us to hear.  Our movie’s potential to educate today’s generation and remind us that we are still battling the scourge of anti-Semitism can only come to its full potential with your help.

We have re-edited & transferred the film to high-definition, and it’s a costly process. This, in addition to significant costs associated with the re-release at Quad Cinema, is why we are asking for your help during the digital/dvd distribution & bringing the movie to special screenings around the world. We hope the new life we can give this film could add momentum to the message it represents, and to the cause for which we all care so much.

$50 donation will receive a free copy of the DVD





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